PDM is committed to contributing to society as a real-estate professional with a global mindset,while sustainably growing as a company of distinction.

PDM’s Business Policies


PDM Property Management is Tokyo’s premier luxury property management company.

Founded over 25 years ago, we have grown into a leading property management company delivering exceptional service that enhance the value of the property and lifestyle of the residents in the buildings we manage.

In addition to our services, we are distinguished by our unique ability to offer bilingual services.

Development Consuliting

PDM has been developing luxury multi-family, office and mixed-use buildings with high yield income in the central Tokyo area to own, own and operate, manage and occasionally sell to investors
We achieve profitable investments by fully utilizing our experience in operation and management and accurate analysis of the prevailing market.

We have the unique advantage of managing each project at every stage of the project from land acquisition, planning, designing, developing, completion, leasing, and property management.

Project Map

Overseas Development

Based on the experiences of developments and good relationships with local developers established for more than 30 years, PDM is currently focusing on building a portfolio in the New York and Northeastern part of USA.

PDM will always look at the world from a global perspective and respond to the fluctuations in the real estate market.

News & Topics

  • 賃貸管理2019年03月16日

    【中野 築浅賃貸マンション】「ラティエラ中野」賃貸管理を受託致しました。

  • 賃貸管理2019年02月27日

    【神宮前 戸建て】「神宮前3丁目AKハウス」賃貸管理を受託しました。

  • 賃貸管理2018年12月15日

    【田園調布 築浅戸建】「玉川田園調布Kハウス」賃貸管理を受託しました。

  • 賃貸管理2018年12月01日

    【末広町 オフィスビル】「TKビル」賃貸管理を受託しました。

  • 物件取得2018年09月28日


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